A Story of Evangelism

At the beginning of our Fall semester we had a pancake dinner after our weekly meeting.  I had waited until everyone had gone over to the building where the pancakes were being served and then I made my way over there too.  I walked into the room and looked around to see everyone talking and eating.  I passed by one table and there were about 4 guys sitting and talking.  One of the guys asked if I would sit and talk with them and I sat down with them.  They introduced me to Pete.  Pete is a freshman and it was his first time at our meeting.  The other guys told me that Joe was interested in knowing more about trusting Christ but he was not sure he believed Jesus was who we claim.  Pete came from a family that never went to church.  Pete had some friends who were Jewish and he had been to the Synagogue a few times and knew something about the Jewish faith.  He was quick to tell me that he was not Jewish but had gone with his friends.  He told me that he wanted to believe but how could he know for sure that what we were saying was the truth.  I talked with him for a while about faith and man and sin and Jesus.  Then I found an Eternal Life tract that was in my office and gave it to Pete.  I told him to go home and read it and that there was a prayer in the back and told him that whenever he was ready he could use that prayer as a guide to help him invite Jesus into his heart and life.  Pete and the other guys got up and left.

About two weeks later the guys came up to me at our weekly meeting and told me that Pete had prayed to receive Christ into his heart and life.  It has not been easy for Pete; his girlfriend became angry when he told her what he had done and it began the destruction of their relationship.  She even came here for a weekend to talk him out of becoming serious about his new found faith.  She told him it was Jesus or her and that he couldn’t have both.  Pete told me that he had to tell her goodbye because he was staying with Jesus.

Pete does not attend every week and he began in a Bible study in the fall semester but didn’t finish and so far this semester he has been to one of our three meetings so far.  I am going to ask Pete to meet with me each week this semester and hopefully be able to disciple him.  He is a great guy but he has no encouragement at home.  His home is in another state about a 10 hour drive from here.  He does have strong Christian friends and I believe that God is going to use Pete here at the University and in his family back home.

Pray for Pete as he learns what it means to walk with God.