A Story of Evangelism

Jessica came to the University as a transfer student.  She had gone to a Community College in her hometown and lived at home with her parents.  Jessica and her parents attended church on a fairly regular basis and she would consider herself a Christian.  She had been in a relationship with her boyfriend since high school and he was a student at the University as well.  They had been sexually involved for five years and talked about getting married when they graduated from the university.

Jessica met some girls on her floor that were part of our ministry on campus and became good friends with them.  She did not attend our meetings at first but eventually started attending and God began to move in her heart in a powerful way.  One evening after our large group meeting one of the girls came up to me and asked if I had some time to talk.  I sat down with them and Jessica didn’t know what to say to me so one of the girls told me about their conversations and that Jessica was having some doubts about her salvation.  I told her that the best way to know is to pray and ask Jesus into her heart again just to be sure.  She did not want to pray with all of us around but promised me that when she did pray and she did know for sure then she would tell me.  A few days later Jessica called me to tell me that she had prayed when she had gotten back to her room that night we had talked and that she knew that Jesus had come into her heart that night and she knew that she had been saved.

Jessica began reading her Bible and attending a Bible Study that one of the girls were doing.  A few weeks later she called me as asked if we could talk again.  She and one of the girls came to my house and Jessica began to tell me that since she had given her heart to Jesus that her relationship with her boyfriend had become very different.  He did not understand why they could not be sexually active any more and he was putting a lot of pressure on her.  She said, “I think God wants me to break up with him”; but she was struggling with the fact that they had more than five years invested in the relationship and what if he were the one that she was supposed to marry.  I shared with her that it was not God’s desire for her to marry someone that was not a believer and someone who was not a spiritual leader, and if he was her soul mate then she needed to allow God to change him and not get back into a sexual relationship with him until they were married.

It took a few weeks but she ended the relationship and she began to grow spiritually and you could see the power of Christ in her life.  Her ex-boyfriend soon found another girl and got sexually involved with her.  Jessica is still growing and becoming a strong woman of God.