Mission of the Foundation: Missions

At the very heart of Baptist life are two great issues. The first is that every person and the entire world belong to God. We are accountable to God for how we use our lives and all that He gives to us. The second is that we have been called to His mission, which is to proclaim the good news of salvation to all people. The purpose of the Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist Foundation is to assist believers in living out these great truths.

God has chosen to support His work by giving money to His people and then asking them to give it to His evangelistic and missionary causes. We provide a channel for people to assist in His work over and above what He has asked them to do in their local churches. We provide a means for people to leave the portion of the estate that God has trusted to them for His purpose. We assist people, at no cost to them, to prepare an estate plan that allows them to be good stewards and missionaries until the Lord returns.

The Foundation manages the funds entrusted to us as good stewards. The earnings and the money given to us are given to the missionary and evangelistic causes for which they have been intended. It is our intent that your Foundation be a great missionary force for Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists and more importantly for the Kingdom of God.