Why do church revitilization?

“The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less”
                        —- Vaclav Havel

Change is tough—tough to lead and tough to live through. It is difficult, emotionally expensive, unnerving, and always raises fears of loss. What’s more, thriving in a climate of rapid-fire change is even more demanding. Welcome to the challenge facing the church of our generation.

Church revitalization is a journey of discovery, a quest really, to discover God’s unique calling for your church in the day and community in which you now live. The KNCSB ReFocus process is not a scheme for guiding your church to a pre-determined destination. Rather, it is literally an opportunity to come together and hear from God in a fresh way, and then move into alignment with His purposes and calling.

ReFocusing is a spiritual discovery process that begins renewal in local churches. As churches seek to align themselves and their ministries with the sovereign purposes and plan of God they experience the restoration of hope, and that “restoration of hope” leads to renewed courage. Courage to submit anew to the leadership of God, courage to penetrate and begin the process of impacting communities that no longer look like the church membership, and courage to raise up new leaders and start new churches and ministries.

Man cannot renew the church. Renewal is not something he can manufacture. Regardless of how good his tools, resources, or processes. God brings renewl to His church. It is the by-product of man’s submission to the work of God. As leaders submit to a sovereign God and His designs for His church, God renews the church and reveals His plans.

The ReFocusing process creates specific opportunities for church leaders and members to listen to God, discern His leading, and clarify their future. This is accomplished in the three “Summits” of the ReFocusing Process. The three Summits of the ReFocusing process address the three main elements of revisioning: Assessing, Discovering, and Implementing.

A ReFocused church is a church that has been repositioned to engage in an intentional ministry that births new life—ministry that equips attenders of a local church to reach the unchurched, launch new ministries, and plant new churches. It is a community of believers who are equipping attenders to become reproducing disciples.

In the course of the ReFocusing process, your church will clarify its answers to the following eight ministry shaping questions:

    1.  Why do we exist as a church?                            (Biblical Purpose)
    2.  How has God worked in our past?                        (Ministry Milestones)
    3.  Whom has God called us to reach?                        (Ministry Focus)
    4.  Who has God shaped us to be?                          (Core Values)
    5.  Where is God leading us in the future?                    (Vision)
    6.  Which model best facilitates our vision?                    (Ministry Model)
    7.  How will we accomplish our vision?                        (Goals)
    8.  What is our implementation plan for the next three years?  (Mission Plan)