Richard Deimund and Jon Becker Share Hopes for Refocus Outcome

Richard Deimund, Pastor of Cimarron First Baptist Church, and Jon Becker, pastor of Holcomb First Baptist Church, recently discussed their hope for the ReFocus summits shared by their churches.

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Pastor Talks about Church Consultation

Casey Ingold, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in Topeka, describes what the church consultation in his congregation has meant for them.

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ReFocus Ministry

ReFocus is a series of weekend summits which help a church to re-discover God’s direction. The summit process begins by looking a personal renewal. Personal renewal always precedes corporate renewal. The remaining summits (3) focus on the history of the church and the values and victories that the church has experienced in the past. Then the focus is shifted to determine where God is leading in the present. Finally, a series of strategic initiatives are developed through a discovery process during the last summit. KNCSB is prepared to follow up these summits by making other resources available to the church to follow through on the strategic initiatives. The attached video has a testimony from Stacy whose church recently went through the ReFocus process.

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Why do church revitilization?

“The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less”
                        —- Vaclav Havel

Change is tough—tough to lead and tough to live through. It is difficult, emotionally expensive, unnerving, and always raises fears of loss. What’s more, thriving in a climate of rapid-fire change is even more demanding. Welcome to the challenge facing the church of our generation.

Church revitalization is a journey of discovery, a quest really, to discover God’s unique calling for your church in the day and community in which you now live. The KNCSB ReFocus process is not a scheme for guiding your church to a pre-determined destination. Rather, it is literally an opportunity to come together and hear from God in a fresh way, and then move into alignment with His purposes and calling.

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