2018 KNCSB ‘Man Up’ Men’s Retreat

“Brothers in Arms” will be the theme of the 2018 KNCSB Man Up Men’s Retreat.

The third annual retreat will be held March 2-3 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Robert Green will be the featured speaker. He is a 30-year veteran of youth ministry, avid runner, spiritual coach, chaplain and a former Special Forces Green Beret.

The Christian Challenge band from Kansas State University will lead worship.

Activities will begin at 3 p.m. Friday, March 2. The Nerf War will be held Friday night. Be sure to bring your nerf guns and safety glasses. We will provide non-mega darts!

Fishing and open gym will be held along with the skeet shoot. We have moved these events to Saturday to accommodate everyone better.

If you plan to skeet shoot you will need to bring your own shotgun and ammo. Participants in the skeet shoot will need to fill out the Sports Activity Agreement which is included in registration materials. Minors planning to shoot will need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

Retreat materials are now in Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches. Feb. 15 was the registration deadline. Find registration and promotional materials

For more information contact John Harms of the KNCSB men’s team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Friday, March 2, 2018

3 p.m.—Registration
4 p.m.—Worship and Robert Green
5:15 p.m.—Break
5:30 p.m.—Breakout session 1
6:30 p.m.—Dinner
8 p.m.—Breakout Session 2
9 p.m. to midnight – Man Down Nerf Gun War and Movie

Saturday, March 3

6:30 a.m.—Breakfast
7:45 a.m.—Worship and Robert Green
9 a.m.—Break
9:15 a.m.—Breakout Session 3
10:30 a.m.—Skeet Shoot, Open Gym, Fishing
11:45 a.m.—Lunch
1 p.m.—Breakout Session 4
2:15—3:30 p.m.—Closing Worship and Robert Green

Breakout Sessions

Springtime Madness: Why We Hunt Matters—Casey Ingold

There are dozens of reasons people hunt. Have you ever thought about why you spend the time, energy and money to pursue this sport? As we talk hunting strategies we will take a look at how identifying why we hunt can bring a deep sense of spiritual significance to an already exciting sport.

Disaster Relief—Frank McCrary

When a natural disaster happens men have an opportunity to step up, offer relief and help rebuild. Frank McCrary will give you helpful tips and resources as you seek to share God’s love in times of crisis.

What Is a Chaplain?—Bobby Payne

Come take a look at the ministry of chaplains. Southern Baptists have 72 different disciplines for chaplains endorsed by the North American Mission Board.

What are some of the different chaplain disciplines and what role does the Cooperative Program play in all of that?

Surviving Together—Bill Cooke

Trying to survive alone in the wilderness isn’t easy. In the same way it’s incredibly hard to survive in our sinful world without leaning on the people God has placed in our lives to help us. We’ll be discussing Proverbs 3:21-26 to help us learn about spiritual survival as well as learning about outdoor survival.

Becoming a Man Whom God Could Use—Glenn Davis
We all know from our own experience that men are impacted by other men. King David gathered a band of men who would give their lives for him. Jesus did the same.

In this session we will discuss what the Bible teaches about becoming such a man. We will discuss the character God wants us to build and the skills we can develop to increase our capacity for service.

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Women—Mari Parker

Do you know everything there is to know about women? Didn’t think so! However, there’s hope! This breakout session will give us some advice on how to better understand, love and serve the women in our lives.

Idol Attack—Parker Dane

We worship 24/7! Unfortunately we often choose to worship the idols of
control, comfort and significance instead of Christ. This session will talk about how we can diagnose and disarm idol attacks on our way to a deeper faith in Jesus.

Life in a Band of Brothers—Cris Smith

During this session we will be stretching our comfort levels. We will examine the need to surround ourselves with other Christian men. This is how life was meant to be attacked: head on with other men to lean on and maybe even to push you forward or kick you in the pants if necessary.

Mighty Men of God—Greg Savage

They are needed now more than ever. In every arena of life they are
desperately needed. In the home, work place, at play, in the church or in the family, mighty men of God are required. Join us as we examine David’s mighty men (2 Samuel 23: 8-39 and 1 Chronicles 11:10-41) and uncover specific traits that make up a mighty man of God. Your wife will thank you. Your pastor will benefit from you. Your boss will be amazed and your children will be grateful. Come accept the challenge of becoming a mighty man of God.

Being a Godly Man—Jon Becker

“Our world has fallen apart, not from the lack of males, but for the lack of men—godly men.” What is a godly man? It is a man who is willing to align himself under God’s rule, submit to His authority and lead his family, community, business and church for the Kingdom of God. This session will examine Psalm 128 to discover “What is a Godly Man?”

Let’s Do This—Jason Winget
Jason will bring us a basic lesson in Tae Kwon Do from a biblical perspective.