Mexico Missions

Operation Go! Partnership

The missions partnership between Mexican Baptists and the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists has officially ended.

The five-year partnership involved gospel saturation and human needs projects in partnership with the International Mission Board and Mexican Baptist congregations. Due to the success of this partnership we will continue to post the Go Projects available.

Once church groups determine a possible participation date, they should contact Mari Jaquith at 800.984.9092 or via e-mail at

Information for GO volunteer teams

Passport required:

Project: Gospel Saturation.

Personnel type: Team — The maximum and minimum number of team members for a gospel saturation project will be determined by the Operation GO personnel assigned to the project. This information will be made available to the GO volunteer team leader.

Primary job description: Gospel Saturation. The team will work with a gospel-saturation and prayer project focused on a specific location (city, town or rural area).

The goal is to saturate designated areas by prayer walking and distributing the Gospel of John and other evangelistic materials to each household in assigned areas.

The team may be working with Mexican Baptists. A team member will record pertinent data that can be used for follow-up by an IMB missionary and/or Mexican Baptist church.

GO Volunteer Team Leader: Be approved by the church/organizational leadership. Handle all administrative details/secure appropriate documents, flight booking, work with appropriate Operation GO personnel on lodging and related travel issues. Ensure that any training materials provided by Operation GO is used to prepare the team for Gospel Saturation. Work with the team to raise all necessary funds. Make arrangements for contingencies. Be a servant leader.

Items/materials to bring to the field: Casual clothes, good pair of walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses and hat or cap. Recommend have USA passport. Birth certificate may be used (not a photocopy) and identification such as a driver´s license. Verify use of birth certificate for Mexico and USA. Each team member should bring any medicines needed.

How does this project relate to team strategy: Operation GO is a gospel saturation project designed to place the Gospel of John and other evangelistic materials (tracts, videos, etc.) in every household in Mexico within the next six years.

Operation GO can provide opportunities for Gospel Saturation into areas where there are not any IMB missionaries and Mexican Baptist churches, support ongoing efforts to facilitate Church Planting Movements (rapid multiplication of churches), and facilitate the growth and expansion of established Mexican Baptist churches.

Minimum experience required: Active prayer life.

Required qualifications: No.

Primary ability: Able to walk a lot during the four days of Gospel Saturation. Usually there are about four to five hours, for four days, saturating areas with the gospel.

Health considerations: What factors would influence the individual´s health and ability to do this job? The project will involve a lot of walking in the designated areas for Gospel Saturation. Required immunization is hepatitis A. Recommended immunizations are tetanus (update if necessary) and typhoid (is optional, but be careful about food and drink).

Operation GO personnel can help plan for places to eat, etc. There are a lot of good places to eat and excellent restaurants throughout Mexico. Vaccinations for yellow fever are required if arriving from a country infected with yellow fever.

Are there health considerations that could prevent a volunteer from accepting this assignment? YES. If a person is not able to walk a lot because of prayer walking and gospel distribution, then that individual should not consider the assignment.

Health Care Facilities: Information to be provided by Operation GO personnel.

Country Setting: Information will be provided by Operation GO personnel.

Other: Information to be provided by Operation GO personnel.

Mode of in-country travel: Van (missionary vehicle). The number of team members will determine if other transportation is needed, such as taxi and/or Mexican Baptist helping with transportation. Operation GO personnel will inform GO volunteer team leader of available options.

Final destination airport: Information provided by Operation GO personnel.

Field costs: These are estimates for each team member and may vary of because of the location of the Gospel Saturation project, cost of printing Gospel Saturation materials, etc. The amounts are in US dollars:

  • Housing per day: $50 (If two people share a room, they can split the cost).
  • Food per day: $20
  • Other costs: $135 (Hotel, meals and gas for Operation GO personnel working with the volunteer team. If the project is in the immediate area of the Operation GO personnel, then hotel expenses should not be included. Other necessary transportation and miscellaneous expenses related to the members of the GO Volunteer Team).)
  • Materials for gospel saturation: Around $500 presently.
  • Total estimated field costs: $555 per team member

Note: Operation GO personnel assigned to the project will work with the volunteer team to keep field costs within the volunteer team’s proposed budget for the trip.

Schedule for Gospel Saturation projects:

  • Saturday — Arrive, orientation,
  • Sunday — Worship and prayer walking
  • Monday-Tuesday — Gospel Saturation
  • Wednesday — Sight-seeing/shopping
  • Thursday-Friday — Gospel Saturation
  • Friday night — Mexico Missions Night
  • Saturday — Departure

The Volunteers in Missions Department at the International Mission Board will give a project number to GO volunteer teams. Team members may obtain insurance through Adams Insurance after receiving a project number from IMB.