Bivocational pastor helps plant, grow new church

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By Sue Sprenkle
KNCSB Regional Staff Writer

Pastoring—it’s never really been a 9-to-5 job. Most ministry opportunities happen after work hours when families are home interacting and community events bubble to life. These crazy hours of a pastor’s life don’t bother Payte Johnson.
In fact, it’s a perfect fit for this bivocational pastor in Lindsborg, Kan. Johnson works his “day job” at First Bank Kansas in Salina to provide for his young family. Then he starts the job that has captured his heart: pastoring CrossPoint Church’s Lindsborg campus.

“Once I clock out from the bank I am meeting with people in our church, running errands and stuff,” Johnson said about his busy life planting a
new church.

He doesn’t receive a pastor’s salary. However, this fits right in with the growing community at his church. The intergenerational church varies
in vocations and follows the example of being “volunteer ministers” by giving their time to help the church dig deep roots. It’s how the church

CrossPoint, Lindsborg, began in a living room with a few families meeting together as a Grow Group (home Bible study and community service). Most attended CrossPoint in Salina and got weary of driving back and forth. They wanted to spiritually invest in their own community.

It started with a volunteer leading worship music and a sermon streamed from the Salina church. They quickly outgrew the house and rented a space in a reception hall called Vala Hala. As the congregation reached out to the community, more people came to worship. It got to the point where someone needed to be “in charge” and make decisions. That’s when Johnson stepped in.

“It’s amazing how God works,” he said.

“We love getting our foot in the door of neighboring communities by planting new Grow Groups that can eventually turn into campuses.

“We are seeing an impact in Lindsborg and in the lives of the people who enter our church,” the bi-vocational pastor added. “Our people are growing in discipleship, theology and our volunteer numbers increase. We have celebrated baptisms.”

Johnson cites one baptism as a key turning point in the church’s short history. The man who originally hosted the church plant in his home had never taken the step of obedience in faith to be baptized.

As the group studied more about what baptism meant, this man decided to take that step. He even prayed with one of his daughters to come to faith and they were baptized together.

“Their baptisms were a pacesetter,” the pastor explained. “He showed his faith and obedience and now more people are expressing interest in taking this step. In fact, we are planning our next baptism event soon!”

CrossPoint Lindsborg went from meeting in an average-sized living room to a reception hall to needing a nursery and rooms for children’s Bible study. You can keep up with this church on Johnson’s YouTube channel

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