Blue Valley Baptist Church to host IMB training

What might it look like for your church to intentionally make disciples with the whole world in mind? Every member of your church has a role in fulfilling Christ’s commission and together, your church can become a healthy culture of sending and going to make disciples among unreached people and places to the glory of God.

The International Mission Board is holding Missions Intensive at several locations around the country to help train churches to assist in fulfilling the Great Commission.

A Missions Intensive will be held May 2-3 at Blue Valley Baptist Church, 8800 W. 151st St., Overland Park, Kan. Find more information

Missions Intensive is a two-day event designed to equip pastors and church leaders to cultivate a discipleship culture that leads to the healthy sending of disciples who are making disciples cross culturally in fulfillment of Christ’s commission.

Because of the strategic role of the lead pastor in global missions, the IMB is asking that each church is represented by a lead pastor, key staff members and key lay leaders. A significant focus of these two days will be designated times for you as a church team to assess and develop intentional next steps for your church.