Breakout session topics for ‘renew’ 2017

Here is a list of breakout sessions for “renew,” (formerly Wonderful Weekend for Women) to be held Sept. 15-16 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.:

Missing Pieces
Session Leader:
Cynthia Magruder
“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10
Sometimes we see Bible verses and don’t recognize they are missing pieces. I invite you to join me as we look at Psalm 46 and unpack some practical tools that can help us look for the missing pieces. As time permits, we will apply these tools to other frequently used verses and see what additional missing pieces we find along the way.

Why Settle for Bearable When Beauty is around the Corner?
Session Leader:
Vicki VanMeter
We have all thought at some point that God was taking too long to answer a prayer or act in a desperate situation. We have our own ideas of what we want that answer to look like and what the ultimate outcome should be. If we are being honest, the timing we long for is IMMEDIATELY.

In my personal journey with our daughter’s battle with severe mental illness, God has shown us time and time again how His timing is ALWAYS perfect and rarely looks like what I dreamed up. God has so much more for us in mind. But how do we wait well? How does God sustain us in our wait? We will explore these questions and encourage you if you are in a season of “wait.” HIS beauty is around the corner.

Saint … Sinner … Child
Session Leader:
Heather Neumann
Am I all three or just one of these titles? We will use Ruthie Delk’s book entitled “Craving Grace” to explore cycles of daily life, including sin and repentance, to help us compare our choices and feelings to God’s truth about our identity, given in His Word.

Session Leader:
Randi Leithoff
Based on Romans 1:11-12 and Hebrews 10:23-25. Simply put God has called us to come together and be encouraged. You will not leave empty handed. My prayer is that you will walk out reminded of God’s promises and fully rested in HIM!

Renew My Spirit
Session Leader:
Sherry Lust
How can we put the guilt of our sin behind us and discover the joy of a restored relationship with God? Join us as we dig deep into Psalm 51 to learn how to experience the renewal and restoration God offers us. We will be using basic principles of Hebrew poetry and inductive study.

Recipes, Hospitality, Keepsake and a Witness!
Session Leader:
Traci Smith
We will be making a recipe book with easy recipes to share with others and show how to easily journal for witnessing. Make yours a keepsake! This project is easy and can be used in your church for any outreach. Cost is $5 at the door and seating is limited to 30 per class.

Battle for the Mind
Session Leader:
Carrie Hernandez
We will discuss how to be a moral influence in today’s culture as well as cover spiritual warfare. This class will be particularly good for anyone with teenagers.

Session Leader:
Kathy Addis
A lesson on staying connected from the book of John.

When Intimacy Fades
Session Leader:
Debra Bonds
Have you ever really thought deeply about the reason why your intimacy may be fading, dying, or even dead in your marriage? Come, let’s dive in and still have fun!

Love, Honor and Cherish
Session Leader:
Shannon Slattery
What does it mean to cherish your spouse? Come unwrap this powerful word and learn how it can take your marriage from good to great!

Are You a Mission Field or a Missionary?
Session Leader:
Hannah Savage
Every person is either a mission field or a missionary. There is no in between. In this interactive session we will dive into how to transition from being a mission field to a missionary and how to live missionally in our own community!

Children’s Missions: Let’s Do It!
Session Leader:
Nikki Riley
Psalm 84:5 NIrV: “Blessed are those whose strength come from You; they have decided to travel to Your temple.” We will “do” a Children in Action lesson.

Session Leader:
Amy English
Have you ever been in a Bible study or situation at church and wouldn’t make eye contact with the leader because you were afraid they would ask you to pray? Come and experience prayer the way it is meant to be.

Heaven Help Us—Living a Life that Gets Us Ready
Session Leader:
Debbie Eble
“Because I believed that my spirit was really all that mattered to God, I didn’t let my body matter to me.” The physical realm is not an obstacle in God’s plan—it is a central part of life. Scripture indicates that God designed our bodies to be an integral part of our total being, not just shells for our spirits to inhabit. We are unified beings, spirit joined in body. That’s why the bodily resurrection of the dead is so vital. Anticipating eternal life as esurrected beings in a resurrected universe has present, practical implications. (1 Cor. 15:58)

Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian on Mission
Session Leader:
Janette Bryant
When it comes to being a church member, we sometimes have a tendency to turn into complainers and whiners, focusing on ourselves and our wants, instead of focusing on God. Come as we discuss simple ideas that all church members can incorporate into their lives to turn those inwardly focused feelings to the greatest of joy, when we put others before ourselves. Instead of saying “I want,” consider saying “I WILL (based on
the book by Thom S. Rainer).

“Loving Your Neighbor, the 2nd Commandment”
Session Leader:
Priscilla Sapp
Jesus narrowed the 10 commandments to two, loving God and loving our neighbor, and elevated the importance of both. How can we grow in our heart for those we live around? Key ideas and practical methods on how to obey this commandment from Jesus will be shared by looking at the Word, gleaning from several different authors and thinking like a missionary. Come to learn and share your ideas.

Overcome Obstacles and Find Freedom in Christ
Session Leader:
Haley Williams
What is the biggest obstacle you are currently facing? We all have them. Some last a day or a mere moment; others may last much longer. Some obstacles we choose and others are chosen for us. God knew this life would not be free of troubles and yet His desire is for us to have freedom in Him. Come identify obstacles in your life and seek truth on how to endure and overcome. John 16:32b–33

Reboot Your Connection with God
Session Leader:
Amelia Hancock
Have you ever felt far from God? Do you wonder if something is missing from your walk with God? A true connection to God involves prayer, our personal time, small group time, and serving Him. This session will use Ephesians to outline what God has to say about reconnecting with Him.

Fulfilling the Great Commission In Kansas & Nebraska
Session Leader:
Diane Brown
How does God want you to bless others from around the world? We will discuss practical ways to reach out using God’s love to form mutually enjoyable relationships with people in your neighborhood, where you work or school who are from cultures different than your own. If you see them but don’t yet feel like reaching out to them, we will discuss ways to catch God’s vision for “every nation, tribe, and tongue” right here in our own land whether that is through prayer ministry, hospitality, or making friends.

God’s Sovereignty and Foster Care
Session Leader:
Sarah Feather
Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to four kids. She and her husband, Sam, had great plans for their lives. God also had great plans for them, but they were very different. In 2015, they lost a child after 22 weeks of pregnancy. God used that hard providence to lead them to become foster parents. Currently they have two foster children and hope to have many more. Come listen to the story of how God makes beauty from ashes, and learn how you can support, encourage and love on local foster parents or start the fostering process yourself.

Face to Face
Session Leader:
Heather Smith
As God’s children we have been given unlimited access to His glorious presence. His desire to have an intimate, face-to-face relationship with us, his daughters, is strong—so incredibly strong that He sacrificed Himself to be with us. What does it mean to be in God’s presence every moment of our lives?

Honoring God with a Healthy Lifestyle
Session Leader:
Brenda Lee
No guilt, only encouragement from a recovering food addict. Many of us fall into the trap of food as a way to cope with the hurts of life. Come as we look as some practical healthy living tips as I share my story of a faithful God who has walked with me on 200-plus-pound weight loss. God is truly amazing and our bodies are the very temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Jesus, H.E.A.L.S. (Happily Ever After Loved and Saved)
Session Leader:
Cathy Terrell
Ordinary women have extraordinary stories! This is your opportunity to identify your life-changing story. Happily ever after what? What happened in your life that changed you and your walk with Christ forever! Come and learn how to use it to share the gospel. You never know whose life might be changed by your story. (Public sharing is welcome but not required in this session).

When God says, “No”
Session Leader:
Sarah Gaskin
What do we do when God says “No,” especially when His “no” means walking through a valley? In this session we will talk about the disappointment and frustration we face when God says “No” and how we can grow when we are not given what we asked or prayed for.

Compassion Fatigue
Session Leader:
Pam McDonald
Healthcare is becoming more and more stressful. Come learn how caregivers can care for themselves.

Session Leader:
Mari Parker
My mom used peroxide, rubbing alcohol, Mercurochrome (if you’re under 30 you won’t even know what this was), Bactine—any disinfectant she could find to treat my wounds from falling off bicycles to stepping on glass. Some of these burned and hurt when applied and my mom would always say, “It’s only going to hurt for a little while.” Adult wounds can be bigger and deeper and the pain of healing takes longer. We will look at what God has promised: to make us perfect, to help us stand our ground, to strengthen us, and to put us on a firm foundation (1Peter 5:10).