Campus ministries see beauty created from ashes

God is at work on campuses in Nebraska and Kansas. Robbie Nutter, director of Christian Challenge at Kansas State University, tells this story:

A student in our ministry grew up in the inner city and was homeless for part of his life. When he was 10 he and his mom were kicked out of a hotel on a Friday night.

In desperation, his mom knocked on the door of a church looking for a place to stay. There was a man in the church praying, asking God for a chance to lead someone to faith in Christ that night.

Well, long story short, this 10-year-old boy gave his life to Christ and is now in his last semester in college. He plans to attend seminary next fall.

I wanted to share this to remember that God does change lives. Sometimes it happens overnight. Other times it is a long, tedious process, but God is still exchanging beauty for ashes—and people do change.

Will you pray along with us here at KSU that God will draw many students into His Kingdom this year?