Church sees CP’s spiritual dimension

When people are educated about missions, they pray better, give more and go more eagerly, says Ray Kempel, a pastor in Hutchinson, Kan.

“We can give to any cause. We can give to all kinds of good organizations,” said Kempel, who has led First Southern Baptist Church in Hutchinson for 23 years. But he noted: “[W]e need to educate people to the fact that we’re not giving just to meet physical needs but also their spiritual needs. That’s what our giving to the Cooperative Program is—it’s an investment in spiritual needs.

“I think the call of missions has to be on their [church members’] hearts every moment,” Kempel said. “The Cooperative Program makes that possible—and it’s the unity of all the churches working together for a common purpose that makes the Cooperative Program possible. It’s having a plan and working that plan—that’s what we have with the Cooperative Program.”