Churches urged to increase baptisms

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists were urged to help break the trend of declining baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention.

As the 2014 annual meeting of the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists was drawing to a close, President Andy Addis told of the 10-year decline in baptisms in the SBC.

Addis served on the SBC Pastors’ Task Force on Evangelistic Impact and Declining Baptisms.

“Right here in the center of the United States, let’s turn the ship around for the Southern Baptist Convention,” Addis urged.

He challenged Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches that had no baptisms in the past year to set a goal of seeing one person baptized. Then he challenged the other churches to double their baptisms.

“Let’s do this,” Addis said. “May we break the trend.”

Addis is pastor of CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, Kan., which was host church for the KNCSB annual meeting held Oct. 13-14. The meeting drew 331 registered messengers and 31 visitors.

“Sending Capacity,” based on Isaiah 6: 1-8, was the meeting theme.