Cobbs send update from Thailand

Kansas missionaries David and Debbie Cobb are “seeking the Lord’s will involving many new ministry opportunities” in northern Thailand.

After several years of prayer, a teenage girl accepted Christ. Her twin sister “has not committed to Christ yet, but seems to be under conviction as well.”

“These girls first were introduced to us by some of our college student volunteers who came two years ago. Many volunteers shared the gospel with them, but they were not interested.

“Then last year God opened their hearts and they began studying the Bible with our teammates and going to church as well. There had been a group of six of them studying the Bible. The others fell off. Pray that the rest will believe as well.

“It is really hard for these twins to make a decision for Christ and to make a stand for him. They attend a high school of 3,000 students. Two years ago when they started studying, I do not think there was a single Christian there. Since then two other young girls from the church entered high school, so maybe now there are three believers out of 3,000.

“Buddhism is central to many of the school’s activities. The children are free not to participate. But it just seems like no one has ever asked not to participate before. So these girls say some teachers look at them as disrespectful and as trouble-makers for refusing to participate.

“The twin’s parents are not believers and are both teachers at other schools, so they are not happy with their children either. Pray that God will strengthen these girls and that they will live holy lives that cause their parents and teachers to take note and see Christianity as a good thing. Pray for them to also be good witnesses to their friends at school so that many others will believe.

“Seeing the spiritual progress in the lives of the twins is the good news. Seeing the disharmony in the local churches is the bad news we have dealt with since our return. I simply ask you to pray for wisdom as we see how our team will relate to each group.”