Cobbs tell of needs in Thailand

After spending Christmas in The States, missionaries David and Debbie Cobb and their family are heading back to Thailand. They serve with the Northern Khmer people.

“We are excited to return back to Thailand. We will be going back to our same town and house. We will be trying to pick up some of the same ministry things that we were doing, but we are also excited that our team is growing so there will be new opportunities.

“We have had two young ladies on our team who are serving a two-year term through the IMB. They have been working in our town alone while we have been back in the states.

“In addition to them, we have two families who have finished language school and are beginning new work among the Northern Khmer. Pray for wisdom as we begin to connect together as a team and make many decisions about the future of our ministry as a team.”

The Cobbs also are seeking prayer for a Baptist work in Thailand that has experienced conflict and gone through a split. “Pray for the restoration of this group and that we will have wisdom to know how to minister to them.”

They also mentioned the critical importance of the Lottie Moon Christmas offering to their work: “We know it is a difficult time financially for many individuals and churches, but I believe God will honor the sacrificial giving of our churches now even more than he has honored our giving in times of prosperity in the past even though the amounts may be less.”