CrossPoint Church reaches rural communities

When CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, Kan., added a second worship service across town at an auto supply store, Pastor Andy Addis and the church’s leadership didn’t have a grand strategic reason to do so. There was no plan to put churches in key locations around rural Kansas.

Instead, CrossPoint added its second worship location out of desperate necessity.

In 2006 CrossPoint had a good problem. After 30 years of mild growth in Hutchinson, Kan. (population 30,000), God had been growing the church at barely believable rates—from 120 to more than 600 in the five short years Addis had served as the church’s pastor. They no longer had room for those wanting to attend.

“It was all based on the need for expansion and space,” said Addis (@andyaddis). “It really wasn’t a strategy at first. It developed into that when we saw God was using it in this rural context—that there was a real receptivity to it.”

Eight years later and CrossPoint now has 11 campuses in small, rural locations throughout the state. Some of those locations are as close as 30 minutes away. Others are as far as six hours away.