Different generations pose challenges for churches

“The healthy church is one that can use the strengths of each generation as they work together to advance the purposes of the church,” Ken Gosnell says in an article on the LifeWay Christian Resources Web site.

Gosnell is a personal and business coach in Washington DC area and lead pastor for a new church work there.

“For years, churches have had to be concerned with reaching and dealing with three generations of people. Now a fourth generation is joining them—Nexters, also known as Millennials, born in the early 1980’s and beyond.

“The arrival of the Nexters underscores a simple truth, the wider the range of ages in church members the bigger the challenge of managing them. In order for a church to be effective across generational lines, the church leadership needs to understand the different generations and what motivates them,” Gosnell says. Read more

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