Doyle Smith modeled life of stewardship

“I never saw another pastor preach on stewardship the way he did,” Brian Smith said of his father Doyle Smith.

Doyle Smith, a long-time KNCSB leader, died unexpectedly on Tuesday, Oct. 20. He and his wife, Carol, had served at First Southern Baptist Church, Great Bend, Kan., since 1972.

The funeral was held Saturday morning Oct. 24 at the church. Retired KNCSB executive director Peck Lindsay led the service. Brian Smith and his brother, Todd, shared about their father.

Smith’s latest role with KNCSB was serving as president of the Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist Foundation. He assumed that role in May 2000.

In the October issue of his church newsletter, Smith wrote about the financial crisis at the International Mission Board. A Voluntary Retirement Incentive was offered to missionaries age 50 and older.

“God does not start something that He does not plan to finish or provide enough money to complete,” Smith wrote.

“In reality, Southern Baptists have more money than we have ever had in our history. Our church buildings are nicer than they have ever been in our history.

“I am convinced that God called all these missionaries and He has given Southern Baptists the money to fund all their work.

“This is not a problem of the [International Mission Board], it is a problem of our churches. Either our churches are filled with people who are not disciples prepared to give what God asks of them or we as church leaders are afraid to tell our people the truth.

“Jesus said, ‘And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.’ Luke 14:27 (NIV)

“If God is not Lord of our money, He is not Lord of our lives. This is the problem of Southern Baptists. What God plans for He adequately funds.”