Feeding operation ends in Greensburg

The devastating tornado on May 4 in Greensburg, Kan., is no longer in the headlines, but recovery efforts are continuing.

KNCSB’s disaster-relief feeding unit began serving meals shortly after the tornado occurred. The unit shut down on Wednesday, June 27, after serving 56,546 meals.

The mobile chapel, provided by Southern Baptists, is now on site in Greensburg. The North American Mission Board purchased the double-wide unit. First Baptist Church in Greensburg (an American Baptist congregation) will be among the churches to use it.

A dedication service for the chapel is set for Sunday, July 8, said Bob Mills, KNCSB director of missions.

Generous gifts from Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists and other donors are being used to furnish the chapel.

KNCSB continues to receive financial gifts for Greensburg recovery efforts. Make your checks out to KNCSB, designate them for “Tornado Relief” and mail them to 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS 66606