Fort Worth mission project celebrates 25th year

By June Newman
A milestone was reached on Jan. 20, 2017, as 119 team members set off to Fort Worth, Texas, to work with Beautiful Feet Ministries for the 25th year! That’s right, for the past 25 years our mission teams from Southeast Kansas have traveled south to work alongside the “Feeters” to share the gospel on the streets with the homeless.

The team leaders were Elijah “Touch” Touchton and his son, David Touchton. Many physical jobs were completed during the weekend, but more important were the spiritual lives that were changed—both for team members and the homeless.

This year approximately 120 people hit the streets on Friday night taking cookies and hot chocolate to the tent cities, parks, streets and hangouts of the inner city to pray, share Scripture and lead people to a close relationship with God.

Some went to the homeless shelter for worship; others met one on one with people on the street with the purpose of showing Jesus to whoever they met. One group found a new settlement of homeless folks and was able to share about Jesus and the ministry of Beautiful Feet.

Saturday projects included rewiring the Beautiful Feet sanctuary with six new fans and much brighter lights. Everyone noticed the brightness on Sunday morning. Other projects included:

  • Installing security lights at the men’s home
  • Installing outdoor lights at the Boot Camp
  • Stairway repairs and painting projects at the Boot Camp and men’s home
  • Spreading mulch in the children’s play area
  • Electrical work at Victoria en Cristo Church, where the group stays

Meanwhile meals were prepared and served to the homeless and to the mission team.

Saturday afternoon brought nearly 50 kids to the Backyard Bible Club with Bible stories, crafts, snacks, and bounce houses. The Street Ministry Team had more than 50 members going out to the people with hygiene bags and beanies to pray and share the love of Jesus. This was the most we’ve ever had!

Clothes were sorted, sized and stored for distribution through the Beautiful Feet clothing closet. The team of 12 had a mountain of clothes and by day’s end the clothes cage was cleaned and filled to the top with good-quality men’s clothes.

Ladies and children’s clothes were stored in two sheds and the receiving room was piled high with clothes ready for another team to sort and size. It was just too much for us to complete this year.

Everyone is excited about the new building being built right next door to Beautiful Feet which will be completed this year. They poured concrete for the foundation the week after we left. It will include a gymnasium, kitchen, offices, showers, bathrooms and classrooms. Once the move over to the new building is complete, the old kitchen and offices will be revamped for the clothing distribution center—all in one place. What a blessing that will be!

Keep praying for the ministry of Beautiful Feet and make plans to join us in January 2018 or organize your own team to go to The Feet in Fort Worth. God will use your hands and feet at The Feet.

(June Newman is secretary in the Baptist Area Office, Altamont, Kan.)