Friends of CMA mourns death of Bruce Briggs

Bruce Briggs recently lost his battle with cancer. He was a founding board member of Friends of Kansas-Nebraska Campus Ministries Association.

Briggs fought a valiant fight against cancer over the past three years. He leaves behind his family and many friends who will miss him greatly. He was a graduate of Kansas State University where he was a leader in K-State Christian Challenge.

“Bruce was a remarkable leader in Christian Challenge while a student at Kansas State, helping many students find life and purpose in Christ,” Bob Anderson said. Anderson is the retired director of K-State Christian Challenge and co-director of Friends of CMA.

Briggs was a passionate advocate for campus ministry. He lived in the Dallas area with his wife, Teri, and two children, Maddox, 5, and Hudson, 3.

Briggs worked as a benefits-planning executive and was very active in the small-group ministry of his church. He also reached out to many people throughout Dallas with the gospel. Bruce maintained an extensive network of friends from college, both in the Dallas area and throughout the United States.

Two celebration services were held. The first was held Saturday, Dec. 20, in Dallas. The second was held Saturday, Jan. 3, in the All Faiths Chapel on the K-State campus.