Hispanic youth camp sees 23 accept Christ

By Ester Arevalo
Super Summer Latino had an eternal impact on campers that attended this year. The size of the group didn’t even reach 100. But it was the ideal size to reach deeper into the hearts of the young people.

The camp was held June 15-19 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Half of the campers were not regular church kids. Some of them go to church occasionally when they accompany their friends who invited them and paid for them to go to camp this year. I believe the Word of God is resounding on the ears of these kids even now.

Pastor Edwin Hoagland, a missionary in Mexico, preached on the 2015 Super Summer camp theme “Jesus Is.” His topics were:

  • Jesus Is My Savior
  • Jesus is My Assurance
  • Jesus is My Healer
  • Jesus Is My Lord

My husband, Abraham, and I heard what our own children were saying about how the other youth camp develops a transition from hearing the Word of God to meditate on it right after the preaching at night.

God put it so clear to us to have the youth gather in small groups after the Word had been exposed every night. These groups consisted of the same people and they opened up as their chat was guided through a set of three questions on the big screen based on the Word given that night.

God had been leading the hearts of these young kids to talk, hear, engage and even better to come up with a response. Every sponsor, leader and pastor was in on it during this time at camp. They faithfully recorded the decisions that were made and submitted them.

Every morning at 7:15 at our staff prayer gathering we would get the names out and pray for the kids. All the glory be to God, there were 23 decisions to open their hearts to Jesus. Fifty-three of them originated their decisions based on renewing their vows. They responded to God’s call to serve Him, stay pure, practice honesty in everything they do, get deeper on their relationship with God, respect and honor those who care for them, keep the faith even in the midst of struggles and let God heal their sorrows.

I’m sure there were many more decisions that we didn’t get to hear about. We pray that God will give the means and wisdom to the churches to keep working with these kids and their families.

Praise God for KNCSB for helping us get into the hearts of Hispanic youth and into their homes with the Word of God.