Kansas team marks 22 years of service in Fort Worth

By June Newman
Southeast Kansas Baptist Association recently marked 22 years of service at Beautiful Feet Ministries in the inner city of Fort Worth, Texas.

The team serves there every winter, usually during Martin Luther King weekend.

This year’s team included 87 people ranging from age 10 to 84. There were first timers and faithful forever team members representing 17 churches across southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri, Georgia, Wichita, Lenexa, Kan., and even a couple from Saskatchewan, Canada. All were ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus at Beautiful Feet.

Elijah “Touch” Touchton is leader of the mission team assisted by his son, David Touchton. They make a dynamic duo in leading the team and placing team leaders in just the right place to complete the jobs.

Projects always vary from year to year and the theme is “Just Be Flexible!”

First, team members unloaded the trucks and trailers loaded with care packs, plastic-bag sleeping mats, more than 1,000 beanies and stocking hats, clothing galore, and tools and equipment to do projects. Then some of the team went to the homeless shelter and others went to the streets to deliver hot dogs, hot chocolate, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Saturday morning, after a good breakfast from the Food Team, the groups set out to do their assigned tasks. Some worked on the roof over the second-story classroom; some repaired the ceiling in that classroom; electrical conduit was run in the kitchen, the sanctuary and for the new
air-conditioner unit. An exterior platform was installed for the newly donated air conditioner which will be such a blessing this summer at The Feet.

Other construction jobs included adding more shelves in the kitchen pantry, caulking and painting windows, and flood lights on the west side.

At Victoria en Cristo Church (where the team is housed and fed), eight duplex receptacles were installed and 220 wiring was completed for two convection ovens. Also, a hot-water heater was installed in the Sunday School Building.

Each project had a skilled leader and hard-working team to finish the job. The Feeters and the Hispanic church were so pleased to have so many needed jobs done.

Also on Saturday, the Street Ministry Team went to pockets of people on the street. They shared a care package which included hygiene items, a pair of socks, a stocking hat, and a tract or Bible. Conversation with these men and women included prayer and a clear presentation of the gospel.

Beautiful Feet is always a comfortable place for the homeless to get a hot cup of coffee, a warm meal, enjoy a hearty conversation and the love of Christ given through the Word of God, acts of kindness, and a bold witness for Jesus.

Jeff Street led the Street Ministry Team. Seeds of God’s love were planted in many lives.

The Clothing Team sorted, sorted and sorted through a mountain of clothes that had been brought to The Feet during the previous week. We cleaned and sorted the Clothes Closet and restocked it with jeans, coats, shoes and blankets.

There is always a need for backpacks and sleeping bags for the homeless.

Unfortunately we were unable to complete the task of sizing and sorting all of the clothes. But we were able to get some of it done.

We thank the people who made the sleeping mats out of recycled plastic bags. There were about 25 that were taken this year. This is a
great project for your church and the homeless appreciate a mat on the ground to sleep on.

The Children’s Ministry Team was led by Destinie Roque of Webb City, Mo. Saturday morning the team distributed flyers to the housing projects. This gave information and times for the afternoon activities.

The bus picked up the children and brought them to the Hispanic church for a fun time of Bible stories, action songs, games, crafts, and snacks. There were many smiling faces and giggles could be heard coming from the small groups led by our teens and teachers. The weather was perfect for January, so the older kids enjoyed a fun game of soccer in the courtyard.

A lot of planning, preparations, hard work, and energetic people unite together for the Beautiful Feet mission trip to Fort Worth, Texas.

2014 marked 22 years of Kansas teams going to help with maintenance of the building and building relationships with people all for the sake of sharing the gospel. You can be a part of this too. Make plans now for Jan. 16-18, 2015, at Beautiful Feet! There’s a place for you to serve and you will be blessed!

(June Newman is secretary for the Baptist Area Office, Altamont, Kan. She is pastor’s wife at First Baptist Church, Chetopa, Kan.)