KNCSB leaders call for renewed cooperation

The KNCSB Mission Board heard challenges for renewed cooperation during its meeting on Friday, March 14.

Both Bob Mills, KNCSB executive director, and KNCSB President Andy Addis told of the need for Southern Baptists to regain their spirit of cooperation.

“We must recapture that cooperative spirit of everyone working together,” Mills told the board.

Addis challenged board members to go home and promote the Cooperative Program where they live. To help with this, Addis produced a “talking-points document” that can be found at

“When you give to the Cooperative Program you are changing the world,” Addis told board members.

The meeting began with a devotional by Joe Stiles, KNCSB vice president. Stiles used Exodus 14 as his text where the Israelites were standing on the shore of the Red Sea with the Egyptians pursuing them.

“What are we going to do?” Stiles asked of Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists. “Are we going to step backward or are we going to step forward? We’re at the water’s edge, but I believe God has exciting days ahead of us.”

In other activity:

  • Addis asked board members to save the dates and help promote Crossover 2014. (Crossover is the evangelistic emphasis that precedes the KNCSB annual meeting.) The 2014 KNCSB annual meeting will be held Oct. 13-14 at CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, Kan., where Addis is senior pastor. Crossover 2014 will begin on Saturday, Oct. 11. Activities also will be held on Sunday, Oct. 12, and Monday morning, Oct. 13. Details are now being finalized.
  • Two KNCSB staff members received service awards—Mari Parker, 15 years, and Beth Payne, 10 years. Parker is director of KNCSB women’s leadership and works in a variety of other ministries. Payne is ministry assistant in the youth ministry department.