KNCSB offers The Challenge retreat for teen guys

The Challenge, a retreat for young men in grades 7-12, will be held May 6-7 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Monday, April 4, is the registration deadline. Find more information

Dave and Matt Atherton will be the special guests. Breakout sessions will focus on:

Don’t Rob Your Bank: Three Temptations that Keep You from Being Rich, Wise and Happy—Nathan Smith

Money or money to buy stuff is the greatest competition for our devotion to God. We live in the richest society at the richest time in history. Even as Christ-followers, we are tempted into thinking we are not rich enough. This wrong thinking leads us to make poor financial decisions. These poor decisions rob us of happiness and peace with God.

Real Men Don’t Quit!—Jack Jacobs

In this session, we will look at the book of Revelation from the perspective that Jesus is Lord and times are tough. We will unravel the reason behind the book that confuses so many people, seek to understand what this book was meant to teach and how we are to rise up as men and take it seriously, so that we are included in the promise.

A Godly Man Needs to be Fishing—Ken Bowden
Every fisherman is tempted to quit and leave the fishing hole before he catches anything. Persistence and patience pay off every time if we are willing to stay in there and keep fishing.

Rising to the Challenge—Todd Bradrick

Sometimes life’s temptations leave us flat and unfulfilled, and it takes a strong will to overcome them. In this session, we will look at what the Bible shares with us on dealing with temptations.

Pick up and Use the Map!—Bill Cooke

When exploring new terrain we might be tempted to go in a direction on our own that looks safe, not knowing the danger ahead that a map would reveal to us. In life we need a map, because we have never been this way before. The Bible is our map!

Jesus in the Locker Room—Kevin McCloud
In this session we will answer this question; “Is there room for Jesus in sports?” In the manly environment of competitive sports, where being the best and the baddest athlete is the prize, and fitting in with all your buddies on the team is the expectation, how can you avoid the worldly temptations that can occur in these pursuits? How have some of today’s professional athletes dealt with this pressure and more specifically, what does God’s word say to us that will strengthen us to stand up for Jesus in the locker room?

Turkey Hunting: The Danger of Deception—Casey Ingold

Learning how to turkey hunt is mostly about making the tom think something is real that isn’t. Our battle in life is much the same. We have to learn what is real and true so we can live as we were designed to live.