KNCSB team returns to Japan

Three people accepted Christ during the KNCSB 2009 mission trip to Tokyo, Japan.

“If you understand the country, that is phenomenal,” said Terry McIlvain, KNCSB director of youth ministry.

June 2009 marked the second KNCSB mission trip to Tokyo, the largest city in the world with 33.8 million people. Evangelical believers comprise only one half of one percent of the population.

Japan is a country that is open to the gospel. “But it’s very, very dark [spiritually]. It’s dark because it’s a land of 8 million gods,” McIlvain said. The major religions are Buddhism, Shintoism and ancestor worship.

Campers at Super Summer 2009 were offered the chance to participate in the June 6-18, 2010, KNCSB mission trip to Tokyo. The effort is a partnership with I Go Global, which chooses the team members. Applications were due in late August.

The 2009 KNCSB team was divided into “Trek Teams” by color. This was similar to the team colors for the B.L.A.S.T. games at Super Summer.

Prayerwalking was an important part of both the 2008 and 2009 KNCSB teams.

“We prayerwalk whole sections of the city,” McIlvain said. “We have joined with others that have saturated that country with prayer.”

That emphasis on prayer helped create spiritual victories, such as the three people who accepted Christ during the 2009 trip, he said.

Along with prayerwalking, the KNCSB teams use a variety of outreach activities, such as “5-Minute English.” These impromptu lessons lead to spiritual conversations by asking such questions as “What’s your favorite book?” 

“For Tokyo: A Prayer Journey” calls 5-Minute English an “incredible outreach tool. Many times these encounters lead to an opportunity to talk further, and many people have come to Christ.”

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists are urged to begin praying for the 2010 KNCSB mission trip to Tokyo. Each team member will need to raise about $3,000.