Lottie Moon Offering helps workers share Truth

Many Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptist churches collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions in December.

The Lottie Moon Offering provides nearly 60 percent of the International Mission Board’s income. It is even more important this year as the IMB is experiencing a financial crisis.

Here is a story sent by a Kansas-Nebraska worker who is supported by the Lottie Moon Offering and the Cooperative Program:

“No way!” That was my immediate thought as I had a conversation with my neighborhood mullah (religious leader) “Nick” outside the gate of my yard a few days ago. A cool relationship has been evolving with him.

In the past I have asked how I could pray for Nick, acknowledging the great responsibility he has in the community in very tense times, both politically and socially in this country.

Those honest discussions were refreshing, but not in my wildest dreams could I imagine what he was about to ask me. He mentioned wanting to study English with me and I asked him to teach me about his culture. He then asked when I planned to return to The States and asked me to give him a copy of the N.T. in his native language! He thought I could pick one up for him in the United States.

The great thing is that we have had visitors this week from The States so I can refer to them as the bringers of some good books to us (which they did bring), decreasing potential suspicion as to why I would possess an N.T. in his language here.

We have been coming to learn that even reading our Great Book identifies a local as having left their faith, and Nick’s desire to read it for himself shows a courageous hunger for Truth, I hope. It could mean that he is simply looking for “falsehoods” to support antagonism towards followers of JC, but that is not what I get looking into his eyes. He looks secure in his pursuit of Truth, as I also aspire to be, with both of us knowing that our Good God will lead us in paths of righteousness and will lead us to Truth.

There are some words in this particular local translation that can be confusing in this culture concerning JC’s Sonship and divinity. Please pray with us on the timing of giving the Book and for opportunities to talk through it with him in ways that are safe for him. Oh, that our King would cause life to spring up in Nick!