Men’s retreat to focus on ‘Built for Significance’

By John Lucas
The fourth annual KNCSB Men’s Retreat, “Built for Significance,” will be held Oct. 16-17 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. This year a new retreat for men is being premiered in our state convention.

The new retreat, “Built for Significance,” is a recent development by the North American Mission Board. The event will start at 6 p.m. Friday with dinner and conclude on Saturday at 5 p.m. with a worship-and-praise service.

Jim Burton, Mission Education Team Leader at NAMB, is the retreat’s developer. He describes it as a way to help men align with God’s mission in their life and family. It is an experience designed to help men answer the question, “Why am I here?”

Burton believes every Christian man should feel his life counts for something. “Do we men have a process to help us know that ‘We are built for significance?’ Well, I believe we are, but what does that mean? The ‘Built for Significance Men’s Mission Retreat’ is a three-session study on subjects concerning God’s call to men for missions.

In addition to the retreat’s three sessions, there will be three worship-and-praise services, 24 different classroom breakout sessions and a group prayer session. Each attendee will receive a workbook that will help him to discover why he is significant.

More than 200 men are expected to attend this year’s retreat. Evaluations and feedback from previous years has clearly indicated that men earnestly appreciate this event.

Jim Burton and a team from NAMB will lead the retreat itself, and another 24 presenters with knowledge and skill in various areas of ministry will lead the breakout sessions. Those men attending will discover what all men should know, “They are built for significance by God.”

This year’s event builds on last year’s retreat when men learned how God, through Christ, molds men into what they were meant to become in The Kingdom of God.

Some of the breakout sessions will cover these topics: Chaplaincy Ministry; Disaster Ministry; Being A Christian Man In Today’s World; Back To the Heart of Worship; Men In Prayer; Marriage and Communication In Marriage; Starting Men’s Ministry In the Church; Evangelism Training; How Men Deal With Conflict; Men Dealing With Emotions; Men Dealing With Grief and Loss; New and Exciting Ways To Do Ministry; and Meeting the Needs of Hurting People.

A mailing to all KNCSB churches will occur in July with registration information and breakout session selections. Friday, Oct. 2, will be the registration deadline.

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