Mission trip to Ecuador planned

By Scott Mayse
International Commission
Enlistment Coordinator

This past year we were able to see God move in the hearts of many needing Him as their Savior.

International Commission was involved in 184 mission projects, working in 2,014 churches around the world. International Commission cooperates with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

We had 4,489 participants with 637 of them from the United States. More than 275,000 people prayed to accept Christ. I want to thank each of you that had a part in being on one of those mission projects to help others see the road to a personal relationship with Jesus.

It has been a blessing for me personally to work alongside many of you and to know that we will someday be able to see those who came to Christ again. I encourage you to look at this coming year to once again being involved in a mission project with International Commission.

God extends the call to all of us to be “fishers of men” and we can do that by being involved in an IC project. I would like to ask you to consider going to Guayaquil, Ecuador, Sept. 26- Oct. 6 so that many more can hear and accept Christ in their lives. It is not about the numbers but about doing what God has called us all to do. Your life can make a difference in someone who needs Jesus. Say yes to the call to Ecuador.

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