Missionaries send Christmas greetings

Southern Baptist missionaries Nolen and Sheilah Pridemore send Christmas greetings from Spain, where they are launching a new ministry.

They will be working with the peoples of the Americas dispersed throughout the world, starting first in Western Europe. Visit their blog

After a year of treatment for breast cancer, “I am doing very well,” Sheilah reports. “I now follow a schedule of regular checkups.”

“We are settled into an apartment in Madrid, and soon our household goods should arrive by ship from Brazil! Nolen, together with the small group of missionaries which have been assembled so far for this huge task, is working with research, studying culture and language, forming strategy and beginning to put together a plan and schedule for the task. Thank you for praying for us in this enormous change from our work in Brazil.

“Currently, the three families with us in Madrid are exploring the city, studying facts and statistics, learning about work already being done here by other groups, forming relationships, and seeking the Lord for guidance in planning the beginning of our work.

“We have all served in South America previously, so discovering Europe is a new and exciting, yet somewhat daunting, experience. The Lord is giving us grace to get through the more challenging moments. We are all growing in this and grateful!

“Our two ‘journey girls,’ Brook Johnson and Taryn Blocker, were in an extremely serious car accident the end of November while they were in training in Richmond. Miraculously their lives were spared and they are both healing well. Please praise the Lord with us for this.

“They are still counting on joining us in 2010, and we are excited to have them coming to help with much needed research. Pray that they will continue to heal well and be able to join us as soon as possible.
As you reflect this Christmas season on God’s gift to us of His beloved Son, we pray you will consider what a privilege you have been given in being able to hear and believe the Good News of Christ. Pray with us that the entire world will have that same privilege!

Please give to missions, to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering or your church’s missions offering, so that those who have never heard will also have the choice of hearing and following. Even in this time of economic difficulty, if all of us will give generously, our missionaries around the globe will have the resources they need to continue to carry the light of Christ’s love to a dark world.