Missionary’s legacy continues

A missionary’s legacy lives on in north-central Saskatchewan.

The late Dennis Hampton traveled to that area to teach churches how to start Home Bible Fellowships. Hampton, the KNCSB town-and-country strategist, died as a result of injuries suffered in a traffic accident in late July 2005.

In addition, Hampton trained a couple from that area, Lloyd and Bev Glass, a few months before he died. The couple spoke at the KNCSB Partnership Weekend held in Topeka, Kan., in the spring of 2005. Afterward, they met with Hampton.

The Glasses and dozens of Hampton’s other protégés were stunned when they learned of Hampton’s death.

“A testimony to Dennis is the work goes on,” said Gerry Wortman, pastor of Scarborough Baptist Church in Prince Albert, Sask. Wortman came to KNCSB to speak at Missions Challenge `07. The event was cancelled because of a winter storm in parts of Nebraska and Kansas. However, Wortman still met with KNCSB staff and volunteer leaders.

The Prince Albert church is using Hampton’s Home Bible Fellowships as a church-planting strategy, Wortman said.

“I think the beauty of it is that it works in any culture.”