Money needed to haul donated hay

The South Dakota Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is working with KNCSB to send donated hay to drought-stricken areas of Kansas.

Larry Thomas, KNCSB director of disaster relief, issued the following statement:

“As most of you know, western and southwestern Kansas farmers and ranchers endured not only the normal drought-filled spring and summer, they but also battled destructive fires fanned by high winds and extremely dry conditions. Many have been forced to reduce herds to get through the year.

“It has been great to see how God has blessed with donated hay from Kansas and Nebraska. Many testimonies to God’s glory resulted from these acts of charity through His people.

“An effort is now underway to receive donated hay from South Dakota to support ranchers and farmers in Western Kansas. Our first load of large square bales of alfalfa hay is in the pipeline.

“Randy Caddell, director of missions in Western Kansas Baptist Association, heads up our efforts to coordinate this new blessing for those in need.

“The effort in South Dakota is being coordinated through the South Dakota Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. We learned of these gifts through our disaster-relief partner, Dee Smith, Divisional Director, Emergency Disaster Services, The Salvation Army.

“Thank God for His provision. If you know anyone who could donate funds for transporting the donated hay, please encourage them to do so. Please send donations to KNCSB Disaster Relief, 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS 66606.”