Outreach events target youth in Norfolk, Neb.

By David Martinez
Compañerismo Cristiano of Northern Heights Baptist Church, Norfolk, Neb., has been experiencing amazing growth over the past few years.

This year the outreach team of NHBC has put together an event for July 4 targeting the Hispanic community of Norfolk. The Freedom Festival will follow a city-wide parade. It will include free food, music, and most importantly the message of freedom found only in Jesus Christ.

As a follow-up we are planning a soccer camp July 10-12. Kids will be able to pre-register on July 4 to attend the soccer camp.

Many people, especially youth, would never step foot inside a church, so we want to bring the gospel message to them. Using the draw of free soccer training, we want to develop a relationship with these kids, build trust and introduce them to the Savior.

As a result of true conversion, believers automatically want to be fellowshipping with other believers and involved in a church. For this reason, partnering with Northern Heights will provide the perfect place for those from the soccer camp to learn and grow.

We want this event to be free of charge to the youth attending. So we are partnering with the NHBC church family, local non-profit sponsors and KNCSB to provide a wonderful, life-changing experience for Norfolk’s youth.

David Martinez is a KNCSB church planter and pastor of Compañerismo Cristiano of Northern Heights Baptist Church, Norfolk, Neb.