Please continue to pray for Sheilah Pridemore

Southern Baptist missionary Sheilah Pridemore underwent a second cancer surgery on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 1.

Her husband, Nolen, sent this e-mail update: “The doctor said everything went well and she felt she was able to take out all of the tissue that might be cancerous. Since we will not receive a pathology report until the middle of next week, we will not have a final analysis of the situation until then. Thank you all for your continued prayer for Sheilah’s recovery.”

The Pridemores are in Houston for her treatment. They are from Wichita, Kan., and serve in Brazil.

After receiving the pathology report from the second surgery, “we will look at treatment options again. The prospects for cure are bright, but the pathway to getting there can be a little complex,” Sheilah said in an e-mail update.
“Though this new surgery was a surprise development, we continue to be very confident in the treatment we are getting. Our doctors are amazing. What we are fairly sure of at this point is that we should be back in Brazil by April. We know that the Lord knows the future and we really want to leave that in His hands!

“Thanks to many family and friends from afar who have called, e-mailed, and sent notes!  We also are so appreciative of the many wonderful people from Tallowood Baptist Church who have taken us in.

“It is hard to say enough in words of appreciation to all of you for your prayers and many expressions of encouragement. My prayer is that God may be glorified through this. Thank you for praying with us.”

Write the Pridemores at 515 Tallowood #31, Houston, TX 77024. Send e-mail to