Prayer sustains work in West Africa

Emily Elliott, Nebraska missionary serving in Niger, West Africa, sends this report:

“What a whirlwind this past month has been! And there is no way I could have made it through without your prayers! Do you realize that over the past six months there have been 45 volunteers, 10 translators and a cook invade my small town? They have learned language, mapped the town, chatted with 85 percent of the population, handed out almost 100 tapes and found several people who want to know more about this Jesus!! It’s been fabulous, amazing, exhausting and crazy times!  And it all happened because people prayed.

“You prayed for International World Changers ... they’ve come and gone. But while they were here they did kid’s clubs—with 210 children lining up on the last day for a chance to get in and hear the stories, play the games, do the craft project and just be loved on by the students. But only 90 could be admitted each day.

“After kid’s club each day the volunteers went did door to door. They took a small survey at each house and shared a story or testimony with anyone interested in hearing. Over 85 percent of the town was ‘chatted up’ by the students. At each house they were given a ticket for a tape—but they had to come to where the students were sleeping to get the tape. Almost 100 were given out by the end of the week!

“They also did a drama of the life of Joseph in six different neighborhoods. Men, women and children came to watch this and stayed through the entire thing! The last night they performed in a Tamashek neighborhood where there was a wedding. Children came running from the wedding to see this drama. Women stood from afar to watch the goings on. God really is at work in this little town. Pray for:

  • The Holy Spirit to continue softening the hearts of the people in Ayorou.
  • God to raise up His church in Ayorou and for people to realize there are others who are hungry to know God and to have the courage to step forward.”