Students urged to be ‘amazed’ at Jesus

by Aaron Lewis
For us Kansas-Nebraska folks, there’s something particularly astounding about the mountains. Maybe it’s because of the fact that we don’t see them every day that when we make the trek up to the mountains, we are more likely to stop in our tracks and stand amazed at the sheer grandeur of the sight before us.

For those living in Colorado, those who see the mountains every day, surely there are some who don’t even give the mountains a second thought—they’ve ceased to be amazed, they’ve lost their wonder at something truly astounding right in their midst!

During spring break college students from various Christian Challenge ministries in Kansas-Nebraska gathered at Frontier Ranch in Buena Vista, Colo., for a four-day retreat called Summit.
Chuck Lawless, a professor at Southeastern Seminary, walked students through the Gospel of Mark and urged students to discover what it truly means to be filled with wonder about Jesus. Students were challenged to dive into the Word of God to stoke the fires of their amazement over Jesus. 

Here’s just a snapshot of God’s movement in some of the students’ lives that are being transformed by our King: 

One international student from Kansas State University told how one of the messages resonated with her. She’s at a place with various uncertainties about her future, and she said, “The verse ‘don’t be afraid; just believe’ [Mark 5:36] really knocked straight on my heart!” 

Another K-State student spent time with international students (most of whom are non-believers) throughout the week and said she had at least five students plan to make time to study the Bible on a weekly basis. 

A freshman student from Wichita State University said, “Since Summit I’ve had a greater peace and longing to stay connected to God than what I have had in a while.” 

These short snapshots are testaments to God’s work in the hearts of university students throughout our campuses. May we pray expectantly that God continues to move!

(Aaron Lewis serves on the Christian Challenge staff at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kan.)