Super Summer 2012 sees great spiritual harvest

The only thing hotter than the weather was the way the Holy Spirit moved during Super Summer 2012.

Campers coped with triple-digit heat during most of the six weeks of camp. But the extreme heat seemed to symbolize the way the Holy Spirit was moving.

Although no records were set, there was still a great spiritual harvest.  A total of 158 campers accepted Christ as their Savior, tying the record. Other statistics included:

  • Total attendance: 2,462
  • Assurance of salvation: 68
  • Rededications: 199
  • Candidates for baptism: 10
  • Vocational Christian service: 74
  • Other decisions: 111
  • Offering: $12,449

The offering will be split 50/50 between summer missions and the $50,000 matching grant to remodel the Main Lodge at Webster Conference Center.

With the camp theme of “Identity,” campers learned how to find their true identity in Christ.

Mike Keahbone, camp pastor for Weeks 4 and 5, challenged students to get into God’s Word.

“What they’re saying is that you guys are the most biblically illiterate generation in American history,” he said. “I think the problem is we don’t know where to start and what to do.”

Keahbone gave campers a plan for daily Scripture journaling that he calls S-O-A-P:

S—Scripture: Write out the verse that speaks to you

O—Observation: Write down what you think the verse is saying.

A—Application: Write down how you will apply the verse today.


Stuart Hodges was camp pastor for Week 2. During a morning session he shared an important principle and urged campers to start applying it in their lives.

“The younger you are when you learn this principle the better off you’ll be in life.”

He asked campers to write down goals for different areas of their lives. “Think big picture.” Campers then shared some of their goals, including:

  • “Get closer to God”
  • “Go to college and graduate”
  • “Get a good job”
  • “Go to medical school”
  • “Be a Christian singer”
  • “Be a fifth-grade teacher”

Hodges continued, “Your choices today tell you where you’ll be tomorrow. Our pathway determines our destination.”

He shared from Proverbs 7 about the foolish man falling into the prostitute’s snare.

Hodges urged campers to ask themselves, “Is the path I’m on going to get me to the destination I need?”

As an example, “You want to lose weight and have abs of steel, but you supersize your meal at McDonald’s.”

Super Summer campers also were challenged to participate in the Amsterdam volunteer project June 1-11, 2013. KNCSB works with IGoGlobal, which cooperates with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

2012 marked the third year that a KNCSB team has served in Amsterdam.

The city of approximately 800,000 people is “relatively small by a lot of standards,” said Terry McIlvain, KNCSB director of youth ministries. But Amsterdam is important because it is a “gateway city” into Europe.

“It is a tough place to minister because evangelical work is almost non-existent there,” McIlvain continued.

KNCSB teams target people from a country in North Africa through prayer walking and conversations. These people go back home during the five-week summer holiday.

Aug. 17 was the deadline to apply for the 2013 project. Applicants were to be notified in 30 days if they have been accepted. Those who are accepted will have to raise $3,300 to cover all expenses.

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists are urged to begin praying for the 2013 Amsterdam project.