Super Summer 2017 focuses on theme of ‘Authentic’

Super Summer 2017 campers were urged to be like Joseph and “shine even in the darkest circumstances.”

Pastor Jeffrey Dean, who was camp pastor for Weeks 1 and 5, led campers in examining Joseph’s life as seen in Genesis 39. Campers learned how Joseph always tried to please God even when he was sold into slavery and when he was thrown into prison for rebuffing advances by Potiphar’s wife.

Dean helped campers see how Joseph’s example applies to their lives. He helped students set standards in their lives in such areas as dating and posting on social media.

Each Tuesday during Super Summer was Collegiate Day. High-school seniors and recent graduates were encouraged to attend a pizza supper where they learned about Kansas-Nebraska campus ministries.

Collegiate Day saw a great response during Super Summer 2017. David and Rachel Irons took over the leadership this year. They serve on the Christian Challenge staff at Kansas State University, Manhattan.

Super Summer campers also were encouraged to participate in the iGoGlobal project in Amsterdam in June 2018. It will be the sixth year for the Amsterdam outreach.

Registration closed on Sept. 6. Those who were selected for the project are now raising funds.

Terry McIlvain reported in the Webster Conference Center newsletter that 2017 saw the most successful trip to date.

The Amsterdam project focuses on a people group from a country that is closed to traditional missionaries. Due to God’s work through the five previous trips, the people group’s responsiveness to the gospel is changing rapidly.

“In previous years it was not unusual for me to only get to share the full gospel one or two times during the eight-day trip,” McIlvain said in the WCC newsletter.

“Usually the KNCSB team would only be able to collect names and contact information for a dozen or so people to give to the local missionaries for follow-up. This year, however, I was able to share the gospel at least one time every day and some days twice a day, and we left 48 names and contact information for the local [workers] to follow up.”

Plans are now being made for Super Summer 2018. It will be held June 25-Aug. 3 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

The theme is “Breakout,” focusing on the book of Galatians. The theme verse is Galatians 5:13 (NCV).