Super Summer records 131 salvation decisions

“To put God first, there cannot be a second. There is no honor in being first in a relationship if there is a second,” Dave Atherton told campers during Super Summer Week 5.

“First,” based on Matthew 6:33, was the theme for Super Summer 2016. It was held June 27-Aug. 5 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Atherton filled in for Camp Pastor Mike Keahbone on Tuesday morning, July 26, during Week 5. He is youth minister at CrossPoint Church, Hutchinson, Kan.

Atherton used the story of the Rich Young Man (Ruler) in Mark 10 to help campers learn how to put Jesus first in their lives.

Statistics from Super Summer 2016 include:

  • Total campers: 2,419
  • Salvation decisions: 131
  • Recommitments to Christ: 136
  • Other decisions: 140

Runks, a youth speaker from Levelland, Texas, was camp pastor for Weeks 1-2. He urged campers to be “an example of Jesus” to those around them.

Talking about Jesus needs to be backed up with actions. “People need to see Jesus making a difference in your life.”

Open the door to sharing Jesus by loving and serving people, he continued.

Runks challenged campers to start thinking about people with whom they can share the gospel.

Jeffrey Dean from Nashville, Tenn., was camp pastor for Weeks 3-4. Throughout each week Dean helped campers learn by writing down key points from his teaching.

During one evening session Dean focused on Genesis 22 where God called Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

He pointed out how Abraham’s discipline helped him endure the challenge.

“Placing God first requires discipline,” Dean told campers. “Abraham had made God a priority in his life. How else could he endure such a challenge?”

Dean challenged campers to place God first by seeking “the mission in the moment—moments of opportunity to honor [God].

“Opportunities are all around us to honor God—we just have to look for them.”

Mike Keahbone was the featured speakers for Weeks 5-6. He is a youth speaker and senior pastor of Cherokee Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

Keahbone shared his testimony of how God worked in his life despite the substance abuse issues that plagued his Native American family. Read more

Seeking God first starts with the gospel and accepting Jesus as Savior, he told campers.

“You go from walking in death to walking in life.”

He also urged youth to learn how to think critically—to examine what they are being told to see if it is true. Among the lies youth hear are:

  • “You’re not good enough.”
  • “You’re not pretty enough.”

Speaking from John 10, Keahbone told how believers are held securely in God’s hands.

“People are going to let you down, but God never will.”

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists are urged to pray for Super Summer campers as they head back to school. Pray that God will help them reach their peers for Christ.