Three KNCSB teams served in ‘Sandy’ feeding

Three KNCSB teams served in disaster-relief feeding after Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast in late October 2012.

The teams worked with the main Arkansas feeding unit stationed at Deer Park on Long Island, New York. The third KNCSB team—six people from Nebraska - returned home during Thanksgiving weekend.

Arkansas downsized its feeding operation and KNCSB volunteers were no longer needed.

Caleb Yarbrough, media specialist for the Arkansas Baptist News, worked alongside Arkansas Baptist volunteers serving in New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He blogged his experiences.

The volunteers stayed at a former Hispanic church on Long Island. Yarbrough described his experience upon reaching Long Island, where the Kansas-Nebraska group greeted the Arkansas volunteers:

“On arrival we were met by a Kansas-Nebraska Disaster Relief group that will be working alongside us this week.

“David Butler, a volunteer from Arkansas, said he first met the folks from Kansas/Nebraska when he was a Blue Cap (team leader) on a disaster relief trip to North Dakota. He said that the two groups got along great the first day they met and started working together.

“The comradery between the two groups was obvious in their fellowship as they shared laughs and set up their cots and air mattresses together in the large wide-open room that appears to be the former sanctuary of the church.

“The coming together of our group and the one from Kansas-Nebraska was a wonderful picture of the love that is had between brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God.”

Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists are asked to pray for Southern Baptist disaster-relief officials as they explore options for recovery and rebuilding in the region where Hurricane Sandy struck.

Contributions to KNCSB disaster relief are still needed and appreciated. Please make out your checks to KNCSB, designate them for “Disaster Relief” and mail them to KNCSB, 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS 66606-2398.