Update from Minot, North Dakota

KNCSB will continue to support rebuilding efforts in Minot, N.D., following a devastating flood in the summer of 2011.

Hope Village is serving as volunteer headquarters in Minot.

Here is the February 2013 newsletter from Hope Village:

Thank you for supporting Hope Village! In 2012, with your prayers and support, Hope Village volunteers were able to finish the gutting and mucking from the 2011 Souris River flood and had an impact on 390 homes!

More than 145 families—many whose members are children or elderly—are still in need of Hope Village volunteers to help them rebuild. This remains a big job and your help is needed.

In 2013, our focus will be on rebuilding so those families can get back home. If you have experience in remodeling or home improvement projects, we need you!

Will you come to Minot with a team and bring hope to those waiting to return home?

Sign up to volunteer now. Call 855.720.9804 or go to http://www.hopevillageND.org/volunteer/

NOMADS Headed to Minot
During the upcoming building season, Hope Village will be assisted by teams of NOMADS. They are a ministry of the United Methodist Church and are primarily retired couples who travel in their RVs to perform service in communities. The NOMADS’ mission statement is “Rebuilding lives, homes and facilities with God’s love and our hands.”

So far, 20 teams of NOMADS have signed up from April to September to help Hope Village rebuild Minot.

NOMADS do new construction, remodeling and repairs for churches, children’s homes, camps, colleges, outreach missions and disaster rebuilding.

Last year, four teams worked on homes in Minot. Starting in April, the NOMADS will arrive in force to help rebuild the Souris Valley in North Dakota.

“We’re excited to see a new group of people coming and being a part of the rebuild in Minot,” Hope Village’s coordinator Steve Carbno said.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint
By Steve Carbno
Hope Village coordinator

I’m not a runner but I hear runners talking about “hitting the wall,” a point where they start to wonder if they can finish the race.

I have hated the phase, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” I’ve heard it all through my 38 years of disaster work.

As a responder, I never knew the importance of the words, let alone the attitude it denoted. I was always at the start but never present when the race was finished.

If I were to liken where Minot is in the race today I would say that we are at mile 18. Is there a wall ahead? Maybe.

We have seen the response to Hurricane Sandy affecting the numbers of teams committing to Hope Village’s efforts. People don’t realize the need is still great for them to come to Minot nearly two years after the flood.

With 140 plus homes yet to work on, Hope Village has to stay the course and continue toward the finish line. We can’t quite see it yet but know it’s ahead of us.
We want to finish strong! To do so, we will push past the wall with the help of the volunteers committing to the rebuild.
When we cross that line we won’t get a medal, but the rewards will still be great knowing we were part of God’s plan for the people of Minot.

God bless all who have assisted this past year and those who will join us this season. Please consider helping us finish this marathon!

Volunteers needed to prepare meals in Minot

When the Hope Village campus reopens in April, volunteers will have a new food staff team serving them, but it remains to be seen who will take over the task.

The Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptist Convention is unable to send food-service volunteers to Minot during the 2013 rebuild season.

Now Hope Village is exploring options for food services, which will be prepared in a brand-new kitchen trailer unit being custom-built by All Pro Manufacturing in Hattiesburg, Miss. It is being funded with grants from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Otto Bremer Foundation. It is scheduled to arrive in North Dakota in mid-March.

Ideally, we would like to have a full-time food service director from April through the end of September as well as a weekend cook who would work about 20 hours a week.

I’m hoping that we can find someone willing to support the ministry and mission along with the food service needs of the people coming from around the country. They should have experience in meal preparation and inventory control as well.”

It would also be feasible to have a church or other organization take charge of organizing cook teams on a rotating basis for some, or all, of the rebuilding season.

God performs miracles here every day and I know that He will provide a solution to this need.