Update on Joplin, Mo.

Larry Thomas, KNCSB director of disaster relief, sent the following update Thursday morning, May 26, after a conference call with Southern Baptist disaster relief directors:

“Joplin, Mo., continues to be locked down and in search and rescue. After S & R, officials send in power service companies to ensure the safety of the area. Following this effort, residents and often Southern Baptist disaster-relief units are allowed to begin ministering.

“Rick Seaton, Missouri Disaster Relief Director, just stated that all needs are currently being met by Missouri disaster response units. They have child care going on, chaplains coming in, and 10 chainsaw units in Joplin. He did state they probably will need help to relieve chainsaw teams next week.

“KNCSB and Southeast Kansas Association have offered Weir Baptist Camp, 12 miles southwest of Pittsburg, Kan., to house victims as well as stage incoming disaster relief teams. This offer has not been responded to.

“As you have seen on TV, the devastation in Joplin is almost unbelievable and I am sure that Missouri disaster-relief leadership is overwhelmed. My best guess is that we will begin to hear of an organized plan to help in Joplin this weekend.

“As you know, at this time cash donations either to KNCSB Disaster Relief or to a specific entity affected in Joplin will do more than any other type effort.

“Your Kansas-Nebraska disaster-relief ministry is financed totally by your financial gifts.” Make checks out to KNCSB, designate them for “Disaster Relief,” and mail them to KNCSB Disaster Relief, 5104 SW 7th St, Topeka, KS 66606.