Women urged to cultivate biblical worldview

Participants in the KNCSB women’s retreat were urged to cultivate a “biblical worldview which will renew you day by day.”

The retreat, formerly known as Wonderful Weekend for Women, is now called “renew.” It was held Sept. 15-16 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Alicia Williamson Garcia was the featured speaker and musician. She led women in examining the various worldviews that have crept into the church.

Garcia is a Bible teacher, worship leader, award-winning music artist, Bible instructor and author. She currently is a professor of worship studies at the University of Mobile, Mobile, Ala., and adjunct instructor in worship at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va.

She and her husband, Richard Garcia, lead IN Worship Ministries, based in Mobile, Ala. Visit her website

Her books are:

  • “Healing: Knowing and Trusting God in Every Situation”
  • “Hold Nothing Back—How Sacrificial Obedience Leads to Intimacy with God”
  • “A Seeking Heart—Rediscovering True Worship”

Life Sessions (breakout sessions) focused on a wide range of topics.

“We are all ordinary women with extraordinary stories to tell,” Cathy Terrell told participants in a Life Session.

Terrell, a high-school Spanish teacher in Topeka, Kan., shared her own life story to help women learn how they can use their stories to share Christ.

She told of growing up in a home where abuse occurred and that left her traumatized. But she now uses her life experiences to minister to young people who are growing up in similar circumstances.

“We all have stories that we can share that speak to what God has done for us,” Terrell said.

Focus your story on how Christ has changed your life. “Why am I motivated to act differently?”

She gave these helpful hints:
1. Practice your story by writing it: “write the way you speak; make the testimony yours.”
2. Make it short—about 3 minutes.
3. Practice telling your story until it becomes natural.

Women were urged to put “renew” 2018 on their calendars. It will be held Sept. 14-15 at Webster Conference Center.