Women urged to do ‘beautiful things’

Participants in Wonderful Weekend for Women 2012 were challenged to follow God “one yes at a time” and do “beautiful things” for Christ.

WWW was held Sept. 14-15 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan. “Created to Do Beautiful Things” (Ephesians 2:10a) was the theme. Connie Cavanaugh from Alberta, Canada, was the featured speaker and Jami Smith was the worship leader.

The guest missionary was Beth Locke, who serves with her family in South Africa. The Locke family is living in Great Bend, Kan., while on stateside assignment.

Cavanaugh used her trademark humor to deliver spiritual truths. As she spoke from Ephesians, she urged the women to remember, “You are His creation.”

“[God] re-creates us when we choose to follow Him as Savior and Lord,” she said.

Focusing on Ephesians 1:11, she said, “We are His inheritance. That just stuns me.”

Cavanaugh told the women how “Jesus turned my life upside right” when she accepted Him as her Savior and Lord in 1973. Her Web site includes a detailed account of her salvation experience

Although she is a highly popular women’s speaker, Cavanaugh shared that like the Apostle Paul, she has a “thorn in the flesh” (2 Corinthians 12:7)—stage fright and even panic attacks. She confessed that she wanted to give up speaking because of her fears.

“I can’t do this,” she told God. But He whispered in her ear, “My grace is enough for your weakness.

“Most of the time He doesn’t take our weakness,” Cavanaugh told the women. “He leaves it so we will hang onto Him for dear life. Don’t quit following Him because you feel you’re not strong enough.”

Cavanaugh’s books tell more about her spiritual pilgrimage:

WWW 2012 gave women opportunities to do “beautiful things” in both big and small ways. The conference tote bags were purchased from Freeset Global, a fair-trade organization that provides employment to women who were trapped in the sex trade in India. WWW participants had the opportunity to buy more tote bags to take home with them.

During one of the Life Sessions, Melissa Busby shared her family’s story of international adoption. She is pastor’s wife at First Baptist Church, Mulvane, Kan.

The Busby family adopted Mercy, an orphan from Uganda, two years ago. Melissa was in Uganda for 11 months, waiting for the adoption to be finalized. Mercy has been home with her new family for a year.

Busby shared how her life was changed forever on June 20, 2009, when she held the three-week-old Mercy in her arms for the first time. Mercy’s mother had died in childbirth with no medical care.

God told Busby, “This is your daughter.”

While she was in Uganda going through the long process of adopting Mercy, Busby learned more about the extreme lack of medical care for women giving birth in the country. At least 15 women die in childbirth every day in Uganda. That is 40 times the rate in the United States.

So Busby found a new calling: “to help prevent more orphans.” She launched a ministry called “Mercy for Mamas” that provides medical kits for women giving birth in Uganda.

Each kit costs $7, and supplies are purchased in Uganda. Find more information

Women also were urged to start planning now to attend WWW 2013. It will be held Sept. 13-14 at Webster Conference Center.

WWW 2013 will feature modern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty. Visit their Web site

The Gettys have been writing hymns for more than a decade. They bridge the “gap between traditional and contemporary, and creating what is described as singable theology,” their Web site says. “Their songs, many co-written with Stuart Townsend, have pioneered a new generation of modern hymns.”

The Gettys’ five most popular hymns are:

  • “In Christ Alone”
  • “By Faith”
  • “Power of the Cross”
  • “Speak O Lord”
  • “O Church Arise”

Information about WWW 2013 will be posted on the KNCSB Women’s Leadership Web site