Workers see impact of World Hunger Fund

The Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund helped believers in an undisclosed location get back on their feet after a time of persecution.

A couple with Kansas-Nebraska ties works in this region. They saw the impact of the World Hunger Fund.

Many of the believers lost their businesses and jobs during the time of persecution. They asked for loans to help them start businesses so they could begin to support their families and each other again.

“We were able through SBC World Hunger Funds to provide business loans to these church leaders,” the workers wrote in an e-mail. “They will then pay back the loans—not to us, but to each other, allowing one after the other to get back on their feet again and reclaim their human dignity and their places in society.”

World Hunger Sunday will be held Oct. 13. The SBC World Hunger Fund uses 100 percent of contributions to minister to hungry people.

Twenty cents of every dollar is sent to the North American Mission Board. These funds are used to support hunger projects in the United States

Eighty cents of every dollar is sent to the International Mission Board. These funds are used for direct hunger ministry as well as water well drilling, agricultural education, water purification, and so forth.