WWW challenges women to connect face to face

“We’re more connected than any other generation in the world. Yet we’re lonelier than ever.”

During Wonderful Weekend 2015 Sophie Hudson, the featured speaker, urged participants to seek “genuine community and genuine relationships.”

WWW, the annual KNCSB women’s retreat, was held Sept.11-12 at Webster Conference Center, Salina, Kan.

Hudson, from Birmingham, Ala., is an author and a blogger known as “Boo Mama.”

In a world obsessed with technology, Hudson urged the women to strive for “face-to-face relationships.

“There’s no substitute for face-to-face relationships,” she said.

WWW participants also learned about several ministries they can help support.

KNCSB will help stage the MK Re-Entry Retreat in August 2016 at Webster Conference Center. The retreat is for missionary kids (MKs) who will be returning to the United States to attend college for the first time. It is designed to help MKs adjust to life in the States.

KNCSB’s role in the MK retreat will be to provide money to help fund the event. This will include:

  • Chartering buses to transport approximately 60 MKs from Kansas City International Airport to Webster Conference Center in Salina and then providing return transportation to KCI.
  • Paying for Webster Conference Center costs for the event.
  • Buying snacks for the event and providing gifts for each MK.

WWW participants also learned about a new ministry where Native American women in Nebraska will make and sell jewelry to provide income, fund mission projects and pay for women to attend an annual retreat in the Black Hills.

Alfie Goombi and her husband, Ron, are missionaries who serve Native Americans in Nebraska.

A high-end boutique has donated broken jewelry. The Native American women will recycle the broken pieces into new jewelry to sell through the ministry.

Part of the WWW 2015 offering went to the 2016 MK retreat and the Native American women’s jewelry ministry.

The women also were urged to attend WWW 2016. It will be held Sept. 16-17 at Webster Conference Center.

Danielle Strickland will be the featured speaker. She is an author and speaker from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Strickland is an officer in The Salvation Army and works in a marginalized community in Edmonton. She leads an anti-human trafficking campaign.