Youth team to return to Tokyo in 2016

Super Summer campers were challenged to participate in 2016 international outreach in Tokyo, Japan.

KNCSB teams work with IGoGlobal in cooperation with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. The 2016 trip to Tokyo will be June 4-14.

After serving in Amsterdam for four years, the KNCSB team returned to Tokyo in June 2015. KNCSB Super Summer international outreach began in Tokyo in 2008, and teams served there for three years.

Less than 1 percent of the population in Japan has even heard the name of Jesus, Terry McIlvain said. Japan is very open to the gospel, but it is “very dark spiritually.”

“This was the best trip we’ve ever had,” McIlvain said of the June 2015 trip. “You could see the cumulative effect” of prayer walking and relationship building by previous KNCSB teams.

McIlvain emphasized that youth do not have to attend Super Summer to participate. Adult sponsors also are needed.

Aug. 31 was the deadline for applying with IGoGlobal for the 2016 project in Tokyo. Those who were accepted must raise $3,600 in order to participate. This covers all expenses except souvenirs.