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Downloads for the Viola Webb Associational and State Missions Offering

Downloads for the Viola Webb Associational and State Missions Offering

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Collegiate Ministry Director Application

If you would be interested in serving as a Collegiate Ministry Director in the Kansas Nebraska Convention, please complete this application.

Friends of Kansas Nebraska Campus Ministries Association

Friends is an alumni organization formed to support the work of collegiate ministries in the states of Kansas and Nebraska. In the early 1970′s Bob Anderson and Brett Yohn spearheaded & mentored Christian Challenge/BSU organizations on a number of campuses. Through the years thousands have experienced the life-changing Gospel message of faith in Christ and discipleship. As “Friends” our aim is to give back in gratitude to support the ongoing work on those campuses.

In 2013, both Bob and Brett will be retiring. This transition and milestone in fact served as an impetus for the formation of Friends. One of our first major initiatives will be to do a gala event celebrating the Lord’s work through our two brothers. We invite alumni, supporters, family, and friends from all of the Kansas-Nebraska Collegiate ministries to come and join us for that very special weekend in August of 2013.  That event will also be an opportunity to embark upon the ongoing work of Friends.

The Friends organization has been formed to accomplish several key goals:

  1. Support Christian workers on those campuses in practical and personal ways.
  2. Create awareness and support for the work and Kingdom initiatives on those campuses including expansion to new campuses.
  3. Support and sustain Biblical input and models for the edification of those campus ministries.
  4. Develop a network of alumni who will support the work of Friends and develop renewed and purposeful connection with one another.

More information is at the Friends of Kansas Nebraska Campus Ministries Association Website.

Campus Connect

Please help us stay connected with your students, by completing the form below.

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Empty Hands Cooperative Program Video

This video emphasizes the necessity of cooperative giving in order to minister to a hurting and broken word.

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Terry McIlvain on Evangelism

Terry McIlvain gives a brief talk on personal evangelism

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Cowboy Church

One of the exciting new areas of church planting in the “cowboy church.” We are beginning to recognize that people groups are more varied that just the ethnic varieties that we have commonly referred to. Cowboys or people who identify with that culture are a separate people group. Carl Garrett, former pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Overland Park, has started a cowboy church call the Rutlader Outpost Cowboy Church. It is located in Louisburg, Kansas. Recently, it celebrated its one year anniversary. Check out the video to hear what Carl has to say about this experience in church planting.


KNCSB’s chaplaincy leadership philosophy promotes a variety of chaplaincy programs and ministries in the two states. KNCSB supports their efforts in various ways. Trainings are planned to provide a variety of basic skills for chaplains. The KNCSB Chaplaincy Representative will be the main resource for conducting these trainings. KNCSB continues to share the common focus and philosophy of the North American Mission Board, in that, efforts are focused on expanding and encouraging laypersons to serve in various chaplaincy settings.

On Mission Celebration

On Mission Celebrations, which are coordinated by and through associations of churches, continue to provide a renewed and growing interest in communicating the importance of missions to KNCSB churches and their members. Churches and associations are becoming more aware of the benefits of conducting On Mission Celebrations. OMCs have proven to be a very effective method to educate and encourage missions involvement and support in churches in Kansas and Nebraska. They also promote a genuine concern for global missions.

Campus Ministries

Campus Ministry in Kansas-Nebraska is concerned with reaching college students with the Gospel, growing students into Christ-likeness and challenging college students to be on mission. We seek to provide a receptive, hospitable environment where college students can encounter Christ.

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Youth Ministry

The main emphasis of this department’s work is to assist local churches and associations in discovering and ministering to the specific needs of youth, youth workers, and parents in the major realms of discipleship-evangelism and total youth ministry. The latest in KNCSB youth news is available at

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  • KNCSB EVANGELISM STRATEGY — Our present strategy is to partner with associations, churches, and regional bodies in providing training, material, and financial assistance for special evangelistic events or locally-owned ongoing evangelism emphases.  Ministry leaders from KNCSB churches and associations are encouraged to contact our office for assistance in planning and conducting their evangelistic endeavors.
  • Witness Training — Share Jesus Without Fear, The Net, and others.
  • Interfaith Witness Training — We can conduct either associational or local church conferences in assisting believers to share the Gospel across faith lines. We offer conferences with special emphases on cults (Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.), and relational evangelism with our Roman Catholic friends and relatives.
  • Visitation/Witness Strategy for local churches — V.O.T. E. (Visitation Outreach Team Evangelism) This program incorporates a plan to involve a greater percentage of members in the outreach ministry of the local church. It is very effective, yet not so intense that it burdens the staff and leadership with a taxing week-to-week administration of the program.


  • Witness-related materials such as tracts, books and tapes, both free and cost items.
  • Interfaith Witness Belief Bulletins outlining the history, beliefs, and suggestions for witnessing to those of other faiths. Free upon request in multiple quantities.
  • Tents — The convention owns two large tents that are available to churches and associations for a very modest fee.


We are available to assist associations and churches in coordinating evangelism training and events. We can offer suggestions for strategy planning and lists of resources about personnel and materials.