Empty Hands Cooperative Program Video

This video emphasizes the necessity of cooperative giving in order to minister to a hurting and broken word.

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Cowboy Church

One of the exciting new areas of church planting in the “cowboy church.” We are beginning to recognize that people groups are more varied that just the ethnic varieties that we have commonly referred to. Cowboys or people who identify with that culture are a separate people group. Carl Garrett, former pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Overland Park, has started a cowboy church call the Rutlader Outpost Cowboy Church. It is located in Louisburg, Kansas. Recently, it celebrated its one year anniversary. Check out the video to hear what Carl has to say about this experience in church planting.

Viola Webb Promotional Material Downloads

Materials in this section will be added during the month of August 2017 as they become available. Choose read more below to access these materials.

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Canada Partnership

Join God’s work in Canada

God has given the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists a vision of starting 1,000 healthy, reproducing, cooperating churches by the year 2020. There are now only 200 Southern Baptist churches in the entire nation.

The Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists voted to enter a mission partnership with Canada. It focuses on the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which are similar to our two states. The partnership consists of:

  • Church planting in Manitoba — There are only two Southern Baptist churches in that province, and they are located in Winnipeg.
  • Planting churches designed to reach students — Southern Baptist campus ministries in Kansas-Nebraska will partner with student ministries in Canada.
  • Encouragement — With only 200 Southern Baptist churches in the entire nation of Canada, the work is often lonely and discouraging.

If you are interested in serving with the KNCSB partnership in Canada, please contact:
Lewis and Verletta Schwartz
Phone: 785.228.5788
E-mail: lschwartz@kncsb.org