Cooperative Program Videos

Empty Hands Cooperative Program Video

This video emphasizes the necessity of cooperative giving in order to minister to a hurting and broken word.

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Richard Deimund and Jon Becker Share Hopes for Refocus Outcome

Richard Deimund, Pastor of Cimarron First Baptist Church, and Jon Becker, pastor of Holcomb First Baptist Church, recently discussed their hope for the ReFocus summits shared by their churches.

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Pastor Talks about Church Consultation

Casey Ingold, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church in Topeka, describes what the church consultation in his congregation has meant for them.

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ReFocus Ministry

ReFocus is a series of weekend summits which help a church to re-discover God’s direction. The summit process begins by looking a personal renewal. Personal renewal always precedes corporate renewal. The remaining summits (3) focus on the history of the church and the values and victories that the church has experienced in the past. Then the focus is shifted to determine where God is leading in the present. Finally, a series of strategic initiatives are developed through a discovery process during the last summit. KNCSB is prepared to follow up these summits by making other resources available to the church to follow through on the strategic initiatives. The attached video has a testimony from Stacy whose church recently went through the ReFocus process.

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Web Resources

KNCSB uses the web to communicate with its churches and affiliated ministries.

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On Mission Celebration

On Mission Celebrations, which are coordinated by and through associations of churches, continue to provide a renewed and growing interest in communicating the importance of missions to KNCSB churches and their members. Churches and associations are becoming more aware of the benefits of conducting On Mission Celebrations. OMCs have proven to be a very effective method to educate and encourage missions involvement and support in churches in Kansas and Nebraska. They also promote a genuine concern for global missions.

Viola Webb - A Look at Her Life

Viola Webb was a person who was full of surprises. On the surface, she was a perfect lady. Beneath her sweet smile lay stubbornness, passion and a love for sports, horses and rodeo. But most of all, Viola loved Jesus Christ, missions—and Diet Dr Pepper.

Her love for Jesus and passion for missions fueled her as she served Kansas-Nebraska Southern Baptists for 25 years. From 1957 to 1982, she served as executive director of Kansas-Nebraska Woman’s Missionary Union. After her retirement, she was active in her church, First Southern Baptist Church in Topeka, until her health forced her to step back.

A Texas native, Viola was the oldest of eight children and had many of an oldest child’s responsibilities. She worked with her father in the fields during the week. Then on Saturdays, she did the ironing for her mother, using “sad irons” heated on a woodstove.

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Why do church revitilization?

“The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less”
                        —- Vaclav Havel

Change is tough—tough to lead and tough to live through. It is difficult, emotionally expensive, unnerving, and always raises fears of loss. What’s more, thriving in a climate of rapid-fire change is even more demanding. Welcome to the challenge facing the church of our generation.

Church revitalization is a journey of discovery, a quest really, to discover God’s unique calling for your church in the day and community in which you now live. The KNCSB ReFocus process is not a scheme for guiding your church to a pre-determined destination. Rather, it is literally an opportunity to come together and hear from God in a fresh way, and then move into alignment with His purposes and calling.

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Stewardship Ministry

We are in partnership with the Stewardship and Cooperative Program Components of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention, and are active members with the Southern Baptist Stewardship Development Association. Stewardship tracts and other material resources are available to our churches at no cost.

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Family Ministries

The Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists is aware that family and generational issues have been and continue to be of great concern in our churches. There are a number of people and material resources available to assist in the following areas of Family Ministries:

  • DivorceCare
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Parenting
  • Senior Adults
  • Blended Families
  • Single Adults

Church Music and Worship

The Church Music and Worship Department exists to assist and provide resources for individuals, churches, and association to establish, develop, and expand a diversity of music and worship ministries through training, support, spiritual encouragement, and fellowship.

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Church Libraries

The purpose of the KNCSB church library program is to provide support for churches as they strive to fulfill the Great Commission.

Church library update

Visit the church library update page


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The Kansas-Nebraska Singing Men

Membership in the Kansas-Nebraska Singing Men is open to all men who serve as volunteer, part-time, bivocational, or full-time music ministers, or to other ministerial staff in Kansas-Nebraska churches.  The Singing Men rehearse and sing a couple of times a year.  This group of men is a great resource for ministry ideas, fellowship, and encouragement.  For additional information, contact the Church Music and Worship Department.

For more information contact David Manner at or call the music office at 785-228-6800.


Dale Phillips of Hastings, Neb., is the KNCSB drama consultant. He is well known to Southern Baptists in Nebraska and Kansas from serving at churches in our two states.

After serving for 23 years as pastor of Keystone Baptist Church in Hastings, Dale resigned Sept. 1, 2002, to begin a full-time dramatic arts ministry called Careactor Inc.

“Through the years I’ve seen the power of drama in communication,” he says.

As the KNCSB drama consultant, Dale can assist your church through:

  • Presentations in any setting where drama could enhance the message.
  • Equipping through training individuals and leading workshops.
  • Networking. Dale wants to form a network of KNCSB churches that are using drama.

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Youth Ministry

The main emphasis of this department’s work is to assist local churches and associations in discovering and ministering to the specific needs of youth, youth workers, and parents in the major realms of discipleship-evangelism and total youth ministry. The latest in KNCSB youth news is available at

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Sunday School

The KNCSB Sunday School Director(s) have made a commitment to assist associations in providing quality training for church leaders in the areas of Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and open small group Bible studies.

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Discipleship Training

The Discipleship Training (DT) Department is responsible for providing resources to assist in equipping the churches of KNCSB in their discipling ministries.

The DT Department is responsible for coordinating the annual Regional Children’s Bible Drill Tournaments, and State Youth Bible Drill/Speakers’ Tournament.

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